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Venomous MX Gloves

Another one of our new pro model super comfy gloves freshly ready engineered from the aliens that landed at Roswell some time ago . My step fathers meth dealer use to be a janitor at Area 51 and snuck a set of these alien wears! We removed the 6th digit and biggity baM made for the human race, a race you can win in these gloves by the way . No clue what they are made of being from a planet way past your Uranus. I could lie like these other biting ass companies talking about they Invented the question Mark . We see rt through those tall tails and decided to just be truth . Stay on two wheels you sexy beast and just be secure knowing that you buy gloves from the gods of the universe, need a high school drop out from Quebec ehh.
Not a high school drop out.

Our gloves are lightweight and quality constructed. Made by riders for riders!

Never do the same design twice.

Available in sizes S-XXL

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